Maryam Majnoonian

Maryam Majnoonian



I was born and raised in an Armenian family in Orumiyeh, a city in West Azerbaijan Province of Iran. I have spent most of my adult life there and moved to Tehran Capital city of Iran at age of 18, where I attended Azad university of Tehran majoring in English translation while working to pay for my school.

I moved to the U.S. late 2005 with my husband, while trying to figure out life in the states, I came across this TV show called HGTV where most programs are about real estate, buying, selling or improving properties.

I got interested in the characters of real estate agents in this show and decided to find out what I need to do in order to get into real estate.

Starting off was not that easy as English was not my first language. In particular, when I was studying to get my license, the real estate jargons were a bit challenging to grasp!

I got into real estate full time in 2009 after working in several retailers such as Tuesday Morning and First Federal bank of California.

Over a decade later, having helped many people in Westside Los Angeles sell their homes at top dollar, and help buyers find their ideal homes with great deals, the journey has been rewarding both to myself and my family. It's not that often that you can start a career, in which you get to support your family and have a lifestyle that you desire.

But even more importantly, at the same time enrich the life of other individuals by helping them to invest in their future by buying and selling real estate the right way.

My client experience defines who I am, buying and selling a home is a life-changing event.
I am 100% committed to making my clients experience the best, financially and emotionally rewarding experience.